11 September 2008

my secret plan to increase my stats~

**added 8:15 am**

*Would you guys please pray for Moriah? Last week, she and Ethan ran into each other at the park, giving her a major black eye. Since then, it has gotten better daily, and yesterday it was close to being completely well, but for some reason (four year old clumsiness?) she keeps bumping it on things, and Noah has accidentally hit it a couple of times (not related to the green bean bowling incident, by the way: read below). Then, last night before bed, she knocked it really hard on the desk, cried for awhile, and fell asleep with an ice pack on it. Well, she just woke up this morning and can't open it at all, so I guess my plans have to changed to include a doctor visit. Hopefully my aunt can come out again, definitely not looking forward to dragging a pile of kids to the doctor! But yeah, if you could pray that she hasn't really damaged her eye, that would be great.*


Well, I'm just kidding (not about Moriah's eye, I wrote this earlier, had to edit,) but wow! Nothing like a little politics to stir up conversation.

I just wanted to let everyone know that first of all, I appreciate the discussion, and I really appreciate keeping it nice. Hopefully, there haven't been too many not-nice comments regarding these conversations floating around anyone's houses, either :o)

Anyway, I was out of the house all day yesterday, and today (when I can drag myself out of a horizontal position, that is) I've got to reclaim my house from the destruction that happens when I leave everyone here with my aunt (read: fun babysitter, not so much the let's keep things clean type, but that's okay), not to mention school. So, while I am planning on responding to a few more comments, it's kind of low on the priority list right now. Hopefully this afternoon or tonight.

Just didn't want anyone to think I'd chickened out :o)

Presently my younger children have taken up bowling with cans of green beans, and seeing as how they seem to have particularly good aim toward one another's heads, I've gotta run crawl.

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Jonine said...

I don't know what the dr. will tell you but Arnica cream placed around the eye (not in it!) Cheek bone and eyebrow area will sufficiently bring her MUCH comfort and restore the area fairly quickly. Poor little sweety!!! Look it up on the internet the arnica cream.

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