11 September 2008

boy am i glad i don't have to drive a covered wagon~

After a looong day out running around to three different doctors, we are finally home. All is well, and other than some prescribed ice and "just be careful," that's all she needed.

This photo is from tonight. She looks much better. This morning, it was huge, completely purple, sensitive to light, and she couldn't open it at all.

After arranging for my aunt to come out (yet again), three doctors managed to fit us in today. First we had to go to the regular doctor, who took one look at her, went on and on about all the different disastrous things that could be wrong, and said we needed to get to the eye doctor..., well, "thirty minutes ago would have been nice," he said. He thought it was potentially that serious. The eye doctor managed to fit us in, and after poking around and looking through various important looking instruments, pronounced everything A-OK. He did advise staying completely away from any potentially hazardous activities, such as tae kwon do, gymnastics, brothers, green bean bowling, etc.

Parenting Tip # 9

Consider investing in football helmets, mouth guards, safety goggles, knee pads, elbow pads, and even possibly full body armor for little girls with four brothers.

Since we were out, I went ahead and took Anna back to the Orthopedic Doctor (she's been receiving treatment for tendonitis for about a month and wearing one of those fabulous black boots.) It's not healing the way it should, so we went back and now have the privilege of going for an MRI on Saturday afternoon. (It was either that or Friday night at 7pm?!)

For someone that rarely goes to the doctor, I think we've gone more in the past month than in the last ten years combined. Seriously. Anna and I are going to the chiropractor weekly (from the little car accident that packed a surprising punch), and she's been having weekly orthopedic appointments. Yesterday I had a visit with my backup OB and the chiropractor. And then three today. MRI on Saturday, and back to the ortho and chiro next week, the same the following, plus Moriah's follow up eye appointment. Whew. Thank God for Samaritan Ministries.

Oh yeah. The OB visit. I am only 8 weeks. Eight! I thought I was going to be ten tomorrow. I must have found out super early. I knew things were a little off and my dates were iffy due to the whole nursing thing, but two weeks off. How disappointing. Here I am, feeling exhausted and yucky, thinking I should be on the upswing here soon, and here I am with a two week setback. Yuck. Oh well, at least if I go over again, I won't be facing a looming induction as early as I would otherwise.

And speaking of pregnancy. The other night, I woke up in the middle of the night faintly smelling a skunk. We live in the country, but I've never smelled a skunk inside before. It didn't smell like a skunk had sprayed nearby, just that there was a skunk nearby. I attributed it to a heightened sense of smell, and went back to sleep. So last night, as I'm getting home, there is a skunk on the porch eating the cat food. As I walked up, it ran off. Just now, Caleb looked out the door, and it's back! Gracie, the cat, is sitting there, giving it this look of "that's my food, but I'm not sure if I want to do anything about it," all the kids are pressed against the door watching it, and it's just standing there calmly eating. Homer Price, anyone?

So we're home, I'm exhausted. Piles of laundry, dishes, schoolwork to check. Hmmm....I choose D. Sleep.

Thanks for praying :o)

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Heather said...

sounds like you need another vacation! hope everything gets back to normal soon.

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