29 May 2009

the funk of selfishness~

I've been in a funk. It really started the day Grace was born. Now don't misunderstand, I've been blissfully happy, enjoying my sweet-smelling bundle of joy, most definitely. But a little part of me got grumpy the minute I realized she was on her way, and that nagging feeling of quiet frustration has been growing little by little until I realized I was moping around, quite sullen and withdrawn, and couldn't pinpoint why.

At first I though, postpartum hormones? Many of you know that I get hit with postpartum depression when my babies are 3-4 months old (Although not horribly severe, it is still depression and not fun. It helps that I've learned what my body does, can watch for it, and recently came across some information that I hope to try this time around should it sneak up on me again.) But it was too early for that. She's only six week old.

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13 May 2009

coming soon~

I know, I know. I keep promising to post Grace's birth story. I have started it twice, both times spending over half an hour on it, only to have blogger lock up on me and cause the entire thing to be lost. I'm thinking that means I'm supposed to wait for some reason.

So just know that I'm trying, and I do hope to get it written very soon.

And hi to my Dad, who I just found out read my blog! So Dad, now you need to leave me a comment. You can either get a google account (pretty easy) to comment anonymously and just sign it "Dad." So now we can actually talk. And send me your email if you have one :o)

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12 May 2009

mr. charming
(everyone needs a three year old)

Because yes, we do have other children besides our newest sweetie :o)

Remember this guy? Mr. Charming? Seriously. Do you see why we call him that? This is 100% Noah, all. the. time.

Okay, okay. Most of the time.

This past week he has just been full of himself. I wish had written down more of what he's been up to, but you know how that goes. These are just a couple that I remember...

**Noah: "Mom, I think you're super-delicious!"

**Noah to Glen and I while we were watching 24 and had told him it was a grown up show that he couldn't watch: "Well, can I just come lay down on the bed and look at Mommy's pretty face?"

**I had asked Noah to go check on Grace and make sure she was okay. A few minutes later, Anna came in holding Grace and told me she had found her with a pillow laid on top of her head and a blanket covering her and the pillow. Upon investigation, I was informed Noah was "just hiding her." Thus, another Parenting Tip... (feel free to check out all my previous Parenting Tips :o)

Parenting Tip # 13

Reserve the job of checking on the baby for a child over the age of three. If you feel the need to send your three year old to check on the baby, send an older child to check on the three year old who is "checking on the baby."

Parenting Tip #14 / Baby Proofing 101:

Make sure your three year old understands the importance of clear, unobstructed airways.

And last, but not least, remember her; Miss Precocious? The one who has recently been de-throned as the baby girl of the family?

Me: "So, Moriah, you think I'm skinny now?"

Moriah: "Uh, (much longer pause than needed), ask me again when your stomach is not so fat."

And this conversation was not at all reminiscent of one we had two summers ago. (Mind you, she was three when this took place.)

Me: (Trying on a maternity bathing suit and looking in the mirror.)

Moriah: "Mom, you look soooo not cool."

Thanks, Moriah, that was really helpful. :o)

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"How can it be a large career to tell other people’s children about arithmetic, and a small career to tell one’s own children about the universe? How can it be broad to be the same thing to everyone, and narrow to be everything to someone? No; a woman’s function is laborious, but because it is gigantic, not because it is minute. I will pity Mrs. Jones for the hugeness of her task; I will never pity her for its smallness." ~GK Chesterton

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