30 September 2008

baby update #3~

This afternoon I went for another routine ultrasound to check baby's growth and the size of the hemorrhage. Good news! The baby is growing great, and the hemorrhage is "significantly smaller." The placenta is also completely reattached. This means I can resume "light activities" which means no lifting (including Haven) and no strenuous housework.

Thank you, Father!

We also found out some fun news. Well...maybe. She was getting some good shots of the baby from lots of different angles (we saw the baby sucking its thumb, very cute), and she asked if we like to find out the sex. My OCD self said of course. Dumb question :o)

She said of course it's pretty early, and she can't be 100% positive, but she is pretty sure it's a girl! She showed me a very good "bottom shot" and pointed what looked to be some specific girl parts, and said if it were a boy, even at this point, she'd would probably be seeing more there. I'm not sure how much stock to put in this, but this is the nurse practitioner at my backup OB's office that I've seen for years. She does early pregnancy scans all the time, and she told us that Ethan was a boy right at 11 weeks. The way she acted was that all of a sudden, she could tell and wanted to know if I wanted to know.

So I'm not buying any pink yet....but this would totally fit in with my "girl every five years" and "girl, boy, boy, girl, boy, boy pattern", which totally feeds my ocd tendencies :o)

Any of you find out this early via ultrasound? And more importantly, were they right?

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Heather said...

yay for good news!! And I'm loving the idea of another girl in your house!

Off topic, but did Dyana tell you I saw her a couple of weeks ago? I was at my sister's house and saw them on the deck, so I went by to say hi. Of course she invted my in to meet Addyson! She's such a cutie and immediately reached out for me to hold her, which I LOVED!

Serene said...

oh how nice to know this early! We've always had to wait till Week 20 to find out. Coz that's when they do the detailed scan. 2 more weeks....

Christine said...

The earlieest I have found out is 13 weeks and yes they were right that it was a girl. I love finding out early. I don't like saying baby or it all the time.
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