30 October 2008

over the river and through the woods~

...to the great Smoky Mountains we go...

Upon my release back into real life last week (the hemorrhage is completely gone, yay God!), Glen promptly planned a camping trip. Poor guy. He neglected to factor in the fact that although I may be *allowed* to resume real life, I am still pregnant and tired. He's going to have a ton of laundry to do when we return. Actually, I'm all for it, but I told him last night I'm choosing to think of it in that hazy "camping is fun" sort of mental fog and not think about all the details...like it's a ton of work and I sure hope Haven takes to sleeping in a pop up. For three nights. (I think I need a what was i thinking category.)

I've been teasing him for a few weeks now because he sold a couple of his work trailers and used the money to buy a pop up camper. We didn't think we'd get to go this year due to the whole bedrest thing, so he's been spending large amounts of time prepping it and getting all our gear stored in it (read: pretending we're going camping) He even slept out there with the kids one night. Now, we've been full fledged tent campers for several years now, but he felt that with our every growing family we needed a pop up he wanted a new toy. I kind of think you're not a *real* camper if you don't stay in a tent, I mean, I've gone tent camping several times within a month of delivering a baby, and even gone camping with a newborn, but you know, whatever. A gas heater with a thermostat will surely be appreciated these next three nights in Gatlinburg.

So if you think about it, say a prayer for us. Pray that I survive :o)

See you Sunday.

(unless i decide to check into a nice hotel with a hot tub and wi-fi, then you might hear from me before then. ha ha.)

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