02 October 2008

James' Tomato Basil Soup~

I want to make sure and say up front, loud and clear, that this recipe is from my friends, James and Lori Todd. It is completely theirs, and it is fabulous! It gets rave reviews and recipe requests every single time I take it anywhere or give it to anyone.. I am only posting it here on my blog so that I can save it as a url to my delicious site.

Chef James' Fabulous Tomato Basil Soup~


*28oz. crused tomatos (I use Tuttorossi w/ Basil, I always find it on the bottom shelf at the store)

*(3) 14.5oz cans Del Monte Petite Cut Diced Tomatos w/ Garlic & Olive Oil (brand here is important!)

*2/3 stick of butter

*fresh torn basil if handy (I don't usually have this, and I'm not sure how it would freeze)

*2/3 tube Gourmet Garden Crushed Basil (this is in a tube, I find it in the produce section at Publix, it is like a paste.)

*salt/pepper to taste (I find the canned tomatos are pretty salty, so I don't usually need extra salt.)

*fresh grated parmesan for topping

*4oz. heavy cream (I have made it without this before for my dairy-free friends. It is still very yummy, but it is yummier with it.)

*can add two cans of mixed veggies (or frozen) to make more of a tomato veggie soup (this is what I do when I make it for us.)


**add all ingredients except parmesan and cream

**heat through without boiling

**add 4oz heavy cream before serving (If freezing, I do go ahead and add the cream.)

**garnish with grated parmesan

**serve with gluten free cornbread

**This freezes fine. I usually freeze it in gallon size double lock freezer bags, and I double the bags to avoid potential mess.

**This is also a very, very quick and easy soup to make for company or friends having babies, etc. and if you keep the ingredients on hand, can be thrown together in about five minutes.

**For our family (currently feeding 8), I have to double it if we want leftovers.

**I have added zucchini, squash, corn, etc. to this as well instead of the mixed veggies

**Thanks again to James and Lori for the recipe EVERYONE raves about!

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Lori said...

You say it's our recipe, but it's really James'. He created the soup. I just pass on the recipe and enjoy the finished product--no matter who makes it!

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