09 October 2008

my son, the superhero~

It was bound to happen sooner or later...our first "boy" injury. You know, the kind that falls under the "brave, but stupid" category and wins you the award of coolest boy around.

I remember reading Dr. Dobson's Bringing Up Boys soon after it came out. One phrase stuck out to me more than any other, and I've remembered it to this day.

"one of the scariest aspects of raising boys is their tendency to risk life and limb for no good reason...for parents whose families include one or more boys, the greatest challenge may just be keeping them alive through childhood."

I don't remember taking it quite as ominously as it sounds, it actually struck me as rather funny as I vividly remember lying on the couch reading it while Caleb was busily racing around the house flying cars off pieces of furniture as fast and as furious as he could.

Anyway, back to the story. Caleb, my oldest son, my right hand man, master hunter and creator/builder extraordinaire, decided it would be "cool" to jump off the roof. Really. I thought this kind of thing only happened on tv or in books.

We were all quite impressed at the time, and he casually remarked that his foot was kind of sore, but it was off to nap time, and he wasn't crying or anything. I called Glen, we had a good laugh (privately, of course, no use encouraging 3 year old copy cats), and off I went to sleep. Crisis averted.

Oh no. Later, swelling, bruising, tears. So off we went to the ER. One huge orothpaedic boot and a pair of crutches later, we are back at home. And he is thrilled that he has something for show and tell at Bethel on Tuesday. This experience has done nothing as far as life lessons are concerned except for reinforcing the "cool factor" and I am anticipating Anna will be pulling the same stunt in the near future as she has been wanting a "crutch worthy" injury for years. At least she's upfront about it :o) She has already informed me that the top of her closet would be an ideal place for storing the items once Caleb is finished with them.


Parenting Tip #10

Alarms on the upstairs windows might be a worthwhile investment.

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Wendy said...

Ah, yes, I remember desperately wanting to break my leg so that I could have crutches.

I did master the jumping-off-the-roof stunt, though I don't know at what age, and we only had a one story...

Maybe if Caleb was actually wearing a cape, the air drag would soften the landing? :)

Serene said...

David hated having his arm in a sling. And all he did was fall off a bicycle he wasn't supposed to be on!

Life's never boring eh? :)

Rachel Wilson said...

we are out all week. want us to come out? you are more than welcome here just didn't know how easy it was to pack up noah and haven right now. Just let me know.

Lori said...

Judah likes to climb to the roof of my van and jump into my arms before climbing into his seat. I keep envisioning him crashing down on me. They do like danger, don't they? Oh, my.

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