16 October 2008

i love it...
2008 october~

Moments I Love~

~Ever since weaning Noah last month, he still comes down in the mornings at the same time he used to nurse. Now, instead, he cuddles up as close as he can possibly get, takes my face in his hands, turns it toward himself, and goes back to sleep leaving his hands on either side of my face. If I try and turn onto my back or the other direction, he sleepily says, "Look at me, Mommy. I want to see your face."

~At night, before he goes to bed, Noah comes into my room, climbs up on the bed, and tell me to lay down with him so he can "lay his head in my arm." I lay down, and he snuggles up in the crook of my arm. When Glen scoops him up and begins to walk out of the room to take Noah to bed, Noah looks back over Glen's shoulder. I call out, "I love you, Noah." He gives a big grin and says, "I love you, Mommy!" Or sometimes it's the alternate version...."I love you, Noah." "...I love you too, Stinkie Weenie!"

~I love it when Haven is ready for a nap or bedtime and he gets his blanket and starts aimlessly walking around the house, squishing up his blanket and laying down on the floor periodically to let us know he would really prefer to be put in his bed now. And when we do head toward his bed with him, he gets all excited, even more so when the bed actually comes into view. Sometimes, he even starts laughing when we lay him down.

~I love it that Haven still takes two, two hour naps every day.

~I love it that Ethan runs over to me at least once an hour just to give me a kiss.

~I love it that Caleb comes over to me several times every day, and gives me a shy little hug. Because, you know, eight year old hunter boys don't need mommy affection anymore...

~I love it that Glen snuck cookies up to the kids the other night when he realized he'd been a little unfair earlier in taking away their dessert.

~I love it that Moriah's best friend at Bethel is a boy.

~I love it when all the kids greet Haven in the mornings like they haven't seen him in months.

~I love it that when asked why he committed a particular offense, Noah replies, "Because I want to." As if that's the perfect reasoning for everything.

~I love it that Anna wants so badly to do what's right.

~I love it that all my kids spent an entire day last week playing in the gigantic mud puddle/pond after it rained so hard. They even went "gasp" underwater under mudwater(?)

~I love it that Caleb tried to jump off the roof. That's what boys are supposed to do.

~I love it that Ethan reads anything in sight.

~I think it's pretty cool that a skunk lives in our bushes and takes walks with Glen at night.

~I love it that we finally got rid of the horrendous bunk beds.

~I love it that Ethan could play with his animals and sea creatures all day long and forget to eat. Well, maybe not forget to eat.

~I love it that Moriah used to wear dresses with pants, and I wish she still would. *sigh*

~I love it that Glen bought me orange mums for the porch.

~I love it that Friday night is movie night...for me and Glen, and the kids.

~I love it that I have boys that can squish bugs.

~I think it's pretty cool that Caleb tied his crutches to the top of his go cart so they can be rocket launchers.

~I love it that Anna has to give me three kisses every night before bed.

~I love it that when Anna was little, every night we had to sing The Rocking Song, Dear Anna, and Blue Skies and Rainbows...after we read "The Woman Who Couldn't Stand Up Straight" of course.

~I love it that Caleb used to tell Ethan, "Throw your bottle on the floor, Ethan!" and then he'd run over and drink the whole thing himself.

~I love it that when I would fix a bottle for Caleb when he was little, that Anna would want to give it to him so she could say, "Look what Anna made you, Buddy!"

~I love it that when Anna and Caleb were little, we could turn on the U2 song Beautiful Day and they would come running and Caleb would do this hilarious dance where he would punch his arms down while lifting up his knees as high as he could.

~I love it that now we can turn on Johnny Cash and our living room is instantly transformed into a dance floor.

~I love it when I walk into the room to get Haven out of bed and he starts waving and smiling his "I'm the cutest boy ever and you're my favorite person ever" smile.

~I love it that my kids play kickball using trees for bases and the well cover for home plate.

~I love it that my husband really is my best friend.

~I am thankful that the woman I admired most while growing up is now my next door neighbor.

~I love that Ethan could live in his Superman and Batman shirts all year long and not complain once.

~I love it that our church started having a Saturday night service. Now Sunday really is a family day and day of rest.

~I love it that Moriah loves ponytails and baseball hats and I love that her grin looks mischievous, even when it isn't.

~I love it that Moriah can talk Noah and Ethan into playing kitchen and house for hours.

~I love it that I can eat cookies for breakfast if I want because I'm the Mom. I'm pretty nice, though, I either share... or hide :o)

~I love it that Caleb decided to plant his pumpkin plant in the flower bed and grew two surprise pumpkins.

~I love it that my living room windows look out onto a valley with a tall hill on the other side that is currently covered in a splendid array of fall colors.

What do you love?

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Kohana said...

This was so much fun to read. Sometimes I dream of buying the house next to Mom's and living the same life you are!

Christy said...

that was great. i loved this list of things you love. my oldest, after being weaned at age two, also insisted on falling asleep with his hand on my cheek. if i turned away from him (if he were lying next to me in bed), he would reach over my shoulder and find it again. ah, how endearing and precious...and oh how fast they grow. :(

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