27 July 2007

supermarket savings 101 from Biblical Womanhood~

Crystal Paine of Biblical Womanhood, is going to be teaching a pilot class on supermarket savings for wives. If you are not familiar with meal planning, shopping, couponing, etc. this class would be a tremendous benefit to you and your family. I am just enclosing a copy of the email I received. For those of us already benefitting from meal planning, couponing, etc., she hopes to teach a more advanced class in the near future.

Biblical Womanhood is one of my favorite sites, even if you are not interested in the Supermarket Savings Class, check out some of the articles on her site.

I am planning on posting soon on bulk cooking, meal planning, and couponing.

Here is the information on the class:

Dear Friends,Now that I finally have my energy back again, we have so many exciting things going on around here. One those new and exciting things I can hardly wait to tell you about as it has long been requested and my husband and I hope it is a great blessing to many wives and mothers (and husbands, too, as they see the savings benefits!). Details are below:

Supermarket Savings 101:
A Two-Week Beginning Course on Drastically Reducing Your Grocery Budget

Taught by Crystal PaineFall 2007 Pilot Class begins August 13th, 2007

Could you use an extra hundred dollars or more each month? Would you like to know how to significantly cut your grocery bill without spending hours each week to do so? Have you tried using coupons at the grocery store and never known how to do them or what a good deal is? If so, the Supermarket Savings 101 class is for you!

This pilot class, taught by Crystal Paine who has fed her family well on very little for years, will show you how you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on groceries and do so in an efficient manner. Through six short and simple audio lessons, downloadable easy-to-understand course materials, an interactive message forum allowing you to have your questions answered by Crystal and talk to others who are learning right along with you, and hands-on assignments to help you learn the ropes, this class will walk you through all the basics to becoming a savvy grocery shopper. Written with busy moms in mind, this course would also be excellent for an older daughter, a newly-married woman, or even a grandma!

Topics covered include:
-Designing a menu plan that really works
-Menu planning on a budget
-Eating well on a limited budget
-Learning how to spot a good deal
-Time management and efficiency in frugal shopping
-The basics of using coupons - where to find them, which coupons to cut, how to organize them.

In addition to invaluable information shared, there will be a lot of class interaction so that everyone can learn from and be encouraged by one another. Crystal will also devote a portion of the class to answering questions and offering feedback.This class is geared towards beginners - those who know very little about frugal shopping and know very little about homemaking. Plans are in the works to teach a more Advanced class on Supermarket Savings in the near future to build upon this class.

Crystal's desire in teaching this class is that the stories, tips, practical examples, and resources shared will provide your family with creative ideas and encouragement on how you can master and minimize your grocery budget. And, in doing so, she desires to help you be a better steward of the money God has given you.This class is open to any woman or young woman over the age of 13. Class size is limited, so be sure to register soon.Pilot class pricing special - only $17.97!Fall 2007 Pilot Class begins August 13th, 2007

To register, visit:http://biblicalwomanhoodonline.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=129

Have a beautiful day!Crystal, for Jesse, Kathrynne, and Kaitlynnhttp://www.biblicalwomanhood.com/

P.S. By the way, if you have not yet registered for the Home Business Class and were planning to do so, it's filling up fast - like usual.
Read more here:http://www.biblicalwomanhood.com/homebusinesscourse.htm

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