30 July 2007

who needs a secretary?~

Amy Knapp's Family Organizer~

again, for those of you that know me, i am a planner, list maker, major organizer, etc. i spent several years trying out different notebooks, planners, etc. until i found the best planner ever, amy knapp's family organizer. i love it so much and think it is such a wonderful resource that i have got to tell you guys about it. i use it for everything and carry it with me pretty much at all times. it runs in an 18 month format, so i use mine from july to july to coincide with our school year. i use it for keeping track of what i do each day, the days the children do school, my to-do/errand list, my grocery list, my meal planning, christmas/birthday lists, and anything else i need to remember or keep track of. the two far edges are perforated so you can tear off your grocery list if you don't want to carry around the planner. i carry it around because i keep a running grocery list, costco list, specific errand list, and on-going Christmas/birthday list. i also keep a list of meal ideas in the back that i can pull from when i haven't planned anything out.

here is a photo from the website and a photo of how i use mine.


Nancy said...

I'm going to check this out. My regular calendar is just about useless and with 6 children, 2 of them teens, it would be good to have master schedule. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

have you seen the website for
Amy Knapp's stuff.


she has a homeschool organizer and a family wall calender which I love. I also have used and liked the "moms plan-it" large and purse.


SweetSavages said...

Thanks for posting that! It is exactly what I needed to have my menu/grocery list/prayer and praise all in the same spot!
I ordered from her website the Christian version cause the closest Barnes and Noble is 2 hrs away!!!

mama said...

That planner looks promising. wonder if there is a similar version for free to print on the web!??

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