27 July 2007

frugal fridays~ kids consignment sales

I hope to start a Friday post on saving money through various means. Feel free to send me your tips and ideas! On that note...

It is consignment sale season!
(why they think we want to shop for winter clothes in the middle of july is beyond me)

One way I used to often save money was shopping consignment sales. It was an excellent way to find clothing for my children at a fraction of the cost. I am very particular about the way my children dress (not saying that is a good thing!), although I have gotton much better :o)

I used to buy name brand clothing for cheap, and then sell it again the following season. I could usually make close to the same amount I spent. Not quite, but close. That meant I was dressing my children for practically free!

Now, I don't shop consignment sales as much anymore as it is a lot of work to take six children to a sale and not end up spending more on junk and toys than on clothes, but I love ebay! Consignment sales, overall, are better than ebay, though, when it comes to cost. I do still shop consignment sales when I am able to get out alone.

I love saving money. When I am making a purchase, I often spend quite awhile researching the best product, best price, best quality, etc. Places such as bizrate, pricescan, pricegrabber, and nextag are good for finding the best current deal. Googling coupon codes is an excellent way to save money when online shopping. And then of course, there is ebay! In the past I have spent hours hunting down the best deal on something.

Anyway, sorry for the rabbit trail...

For finding a list of current consignment sales in your state, go to http://kidsconsignmentguide.com/

You have to look up your specific state, then scroll down to find nearby cities with listed sales, but it usually has quite a few listed.

That's your Frugal Fridays tip of the week :o)

(in the spirit of honesty, i did stumble across the frugal fridays idea on the biblical womanhood site, so for more frugal friday ideas, go there...)

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what makes my world go round.... said...

So i left you a giant comment and it booted me! AGHHHHHHHHHH! It was cute too.

How does SuperMarket savings work? Is it an internet class or is there a class. I desperately need to save at the grocery!

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