25 March 2009

You alone, O Lord~

It seems that frequently I've been waking up with songs based on Scripture running through my head continually. The song will repeat over and over throughout the day. And many times they have been songs from years ago.

Today, soon after waking, this began running through my head. It's based off Psalm 4:6-8.

In these days, when men are saying,

"Who can show us any good?"

Let Your light shine on your people, O Lord.

For You have filled our hearts with joy,

More than their wine when it abounds.

You alone make it safe to live,

We sleep in peace when we lay down.

And, O Lord,

You alone are good.

O Lord,

You alone are good.

You alone, You alone are good.

A good thing to remember right now, don't you think?

So be encouraged and blessed today!

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