17 March 2009

barbeque beef brisket, take two~

I had posted my barbeque beef brisket back in the fall here.   I have since then come up with a much easier (and cheaper) way.  Basically, I get whatever beef roast is on sale, brown it briefly, and then gently boil it all day in a large stock pot with water, worchestershire sauce, onion, and garlic.  When it is fork tender I cut off the fat, shred it, and add either homemade or store bought barbeque sauce.  Easy peasy.

**This is such an easy recipe to prepare, very yummy, and makes for a super quick meal when grabbed out of the freezer.
**Since my family doesn't eat bread, we just eat it as bbq with veggies on the side. It makes a great sandwich with melted cheese, but I have to sneak it that way so no one is sad :o)
**I freeze in quart-size freezer bags. If I pack it full, one bags feeds our family with just a little bit left over. Sometimes none depending on how much grazing Caleb does after dinner :o)

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