04 March 2009

week 33
baby grace~

I know everyone has just been holding their breath waiting for the next baby update. Since I hate to keep people waiting (and I was actually 33 weeks last Friday or Saturday, I still can't remember which day I change) here you go.

**Still tired. Tired doesn't really describe it. I think someone needs to create a word that is exclusively reserved for the physical and emotional fatigue, exhaustion, weariness, etc. that is common among pregnant women in their third trimester. But there's not one. So you'll have to imagine.

**I am having concerns about having another posterior baby. My midwife assures me that just because my last baby was posterior and my uterus has been stretched out so many times, that neither of those things gives me a greater likelihood of Grace being posterior, but I'm still worried. All I can do is lean forward as much as possible to encourage her to turn the right way, and pray and trust the Lord. So I'm not stressing about it, it's just this lingering thought in the back of my mind. It was nice to not have to actually push out Haven, but I'm pretty sure that was a fluke, and not common in posterior births. Posterior babies make for a much longer labor, and unless the baby happens to turn, makes for more difficult pushing as well. That is definitely one of my major prayer requests!

**We went camping over the weekend. I sat around and enjoyed the beautiful weather while Glen did all the work. Poor guy. We love to go camping, but he knew that if we went now that pretty much all the work would be up to him. He was a great sport, and went out of his way to make sure I didn't have to do much of anything. And all that with a great attitude, he wasn't grouchy or resentful about it at all. I think he knew just going was a big deal for me, so he was just glad I was up for it. Have I mentioned before what a great guy he is? This was yet another instance where it was glaringly obvious to both of us how much harder of a pregnancy this has been. We have camped numerous times when I've been pregnant, several of those being six weeks or less until I'm due, and it's never been a big deal. I felt like a beached whale! Everyone else was running around playing with their kids, and here I am, swollen white ankles and feet showing, laid out in the camping chair with my feet propped up. And anytime I did have to get up to help one of the kids, I had to do the whole "push up with my arms while sticking my belly way out" pose. Lovely.

**Last week my mother in law AND my sister kept the kids for me, so I had two full days to get things done. I managed to actually work on the upstairs. I spent two full days on just the girls' room, the boys' room, and the playroom. And I'm still not done. I think I am moving super slow. But I was also doing more of the deep cleaning I wanted to get done as well as moving some furniture. It feels great to have that accomplished.

I guess that's it. I just remembered we're supposed to have roast tonight, which means I should probably actually get that started. Which means I have to get up. *sigh* :o)

One day I hope to return to more exciting blog posts. One day.

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Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing, even if it is just about the difficulties of this pregnancy... At least now I don't feel like such a wimp for thinking my last pregnancy was hard!

Anonymous said...

just to offer a little encouragement, my 2nd baby was posterior and didn't turn. i delivered her "sunny side up" w/ no meds...it was very, very hard!!! it was so traumatic for me that my entire pregnancy w/ #3 i was worried that i would have to do it again. praise God he was face down!!!! i wouldn't wish a posterior birth on my worst enemy! i'll be praying for you and the delivery and baby grace. :) chances are, she'll be face down.


Serene in Singapore said...

Here's praying to NO posterior babies!

Actually I am having a little anxiety over this birth. Not coz of the last one which was really quick, lovely and memorable but the 5th one where the transition was really hard and felt really long although it was probably less than 20 min! The experience is still so clear in my mind 4 years later! I've never had a transition like that before!

Karrie said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, pregnant tired DOES need its own word! I had the bright idea to do yard work yesterday - trimming hedges and weeding a HUGE area. Then, I made a dinner that took 3 hours to cook (you know, standing up). On top of that, R got a new bed that we were still trying to set up and we couldn't get it all working until 9:30 so the kids were up until then. I ended up just crying, I was so tired and could hardly stand, my back was hurting so bad. And that's exactly what I thought - "this is a whole other level of tired!"

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