29 January 2013

quick & easy three bean chili~

Well, it's Tuesday, the day I'm supposed to blog.  I guess I'm not quite as ready to say as much as I intially thought.  Lots of stuff going on inside my head.  Still processing, I guess.  I'm getting ready to start a 14-week inner healing class.  Something I've needed for a looong time.  I'm excited, yet terrified out of my mind. I've known about the class for a long time, my youngest sister has gone through it twice and has told me repeatedly I need to go.  Like yesterday.  But truthfully, I think I'm just now really ready and I've been trusting the Lord to cause it to work out in His perfect timing...and apparently, that time is now.  So if you think about it, prayers would be so appreciated.  Especially prayers that I wouldn't end up in the corner with my eyes bugging out of my head.  Or passed out.

That obviously had a lot to do with chili.

This originally came from my friend, Andrea, though I've modified it over the years to suit our family more.  I will say first up, if you don't keep pre-browned hamburger on hand in your freezer or if you're a make-your-own-beans kind of girl, this won't be nearly as quick or easy.

Quick & Easy Three Bean Chili


* coconut oil or butter for sauteing 
* 1/2 - 1 lb ground beef, chicken, whatever
* 1 onion chopped (or ninja-ized - I'm telling you, this ranks right up there with my kitchen-aid mixer, ya'll)
* 2-6 cloves minced garlic depending how garlic-y or healthy you wanna be
* 1 26oz can petite diced tomatos with juice
* 1 can each black, kidney, and pinto beans, drained
* other miscellaneous veggies
   (I often add a can of corn, shredded zucchini, a diced sweet potato, a diced apple or two; really whatever  you want)
* 1T chili powder
* 2tsp cumin
* generous splashes of worcestershire sauce (I don't know, maybe 1/8c.?)
* 2 faster splashes of liquid smoke (I know, I'm really helpful on these last two.  Sorry 'bout that.)
* desired toppings


* Cook your meat if it's not already cooked.  And your beans if you're all crunchy and domestic like that.  But if you're going that route you should've started way earlier.

* In a large stockpot, saute onion, garlic, and sweet potatos in coconut oil or butter.  Add your meat.

* Stir in tomatos with juice, drained beans, chili powder, cumin, and chicken broth.  

* Add beans and desired veggies along with worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke.

* Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer until you're ready to eat.

You could totally top with cheese, and for sour-cream lovers I would imagine it would be good that way, as well.  Chopped green onions would probably also be good.  I also think it would be good scooped out with a slotted spoon and used as nachos.  I should do that sometime to shake things up a bit.

My whole family eats this, there are rarely leftovers.  I would have to double it, but since I don't like chili (true story, I often don't eat what I make) it makes just enough.  Which will probably change in the near future since Caleb has informed me three times in the last week that his newest shoes are now tight.  This makes three shoe sizes in two months.  No joke.  Plato's Closet is my new bff.

Sing with me, "Chilli, chili, bo-bili..."

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