20 August 2008

thanks for asking~

Several of you have asked me how I'm feeling and how everything is going, knowing that I was concerned about a possible miscarriage.

Everything seems to be fine. You're probably going to think I'm obsessive, but my little home method of seeing if my hcg levels were increasing (they should double approximately every two days in early pregnancy, if all is well) were more pregnancy tests. The first day I had a positive test, it took close to three minutes to turn positive. For four days I took another test first thing in the morning, and timed it to see how long it would take to turn positive. Every day the time was significantly less, and by the fourth day, it only took 13 seconds to turn a very strong positive. To me that is pretty strong indicator that my levels are rising, not falling.

Not to mention I am feeling pretty blah, yucky, tired, and nursing as little as possible. My plan in that department is to give it until I'm approximately nine weeks (which is often when your milk changes and babies (uh, toddlers?) will stop on their own. If Noah doesn't stop on his own, I am planning to wean him. He is already asking less and I can just tell it's different. It's a little bittersweet for me, but as I know he's not at all dependant on me for nutrition, I feel that it's time. This new little one needs my energy and health more than Noah needs to nurse at this point.

So anyway, thanks for asking :o)

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Lori said...

Wow, Shyla, you are seriously on top of it in the monitoring department. :0) I'm so glad you're feeling better. I'm behind on my reading, so I didn't know you were looking at a possible miscarriage. How devastating that would be. Thank you, dear friend, for your transparency. And congratulations on the big news. You are one of my favorite mamas of all time. Your children are delightful (excellent fruit!) so I'm looking forward to meeting another little Hutchison. Your blog looks beautiful, by the way. Thanks for changing the text color. :0)

Serene said...

9 weeks and they weaned naturally? NEVER happened to any of mine! They had to be *encouraged* to wean. Lol!


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