30 June 2008

a nice morning and delete revisted~

The whole time I was dealing with my email thing (though nerve-wracking and time consuming, it sure is nice to have a nearly empty inbox!), I knew there had to be some way to mass delete.

I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client on the recommendation of our dear friend Warwick who is a computer guy (in hindsight, why did I not just call him? or my husband...which we will get to presently.) I played around with it some, but those couple of days I already had a lot on my plate, and just not a lot of time to figure it out. I hunted around the help section, and maybe my brain was just on such information overload that I completely missed it, but nevertheless, I could not figure it out. So delete, delete it was.

My husband doesn't read my blog. Part of me is glad, but part of me wishes he would so he could get a glimpse into some of those thoughts that for some reason feel easier to express in the relative anonymity of internet land. He does read the occasional post when I bug him about it, but he doesn't just look it up on his own. He's far too busy dealing with door knobs and crown moulding for snotty uh, privileged Belle Meade ladies. (Just a joke, just kidding, ha ha, most of his customers are actually very nice. Like I said. Most.)

Either way, he didn't know about my email event until Saturday morning. He uses Thunderbird as well, and he said, "Why didn't you just hold down shift and mass delete?" What?? This coming from the guy who didn't even use a computer until his business forced him into it. I'm always having to help him with stuff. He said, "You should have just called me."

Whatever. Water under the bridge. A lot of water, ur, I mean, um emails.

I'm just going to have to get to the nice morning part later, everyone is up and needing Mom :o)

Happy Monday!

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Lori said...

Wow, it's been a while since I read through all of your posts! You've been busy!

I don't know if you have a search feature for your e-mail, but if you do, you could search for a particular word and delete everything that shows up, or organize by sender or by subject line and delete that way.

I have over 6,000 e-mails sitting in my inbox. I used to try to keep it under 1,000. Crazy.

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