26 June 2008

all dressed up and...change of plans~

My wonderful Grandmother, who helped raise me and whom I lived next door to my entire life, turned 84 on Tuesday. She lives about an hour from here, and the plan today was to go visit her and then I was going to go do my errands (hair cuts, grocery, costco, target, whole foods with six kids....I'm tired just thinking about it).

Haven and I slept in this morning. I stayed up until 3am on the computer last night pouring over three different science "curriculums" I am trying to decide upon for this next year. (I finally decided on what had been my first choice all along, Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy. You can see read about it here, or see a sample unit here. I'm very excited!)
I woke up to discover that my recent email provider "upgrade" (they tried this a few weeks ago and screwed everything up, they promised no problems this time...yeah, right.) decided to duplicate all my emails from the past year, trash folder included, and download them onto my Outlook. I have like 5000 emails to delete. Can you say trigger finger? Oh yeah, and it decided that some of the people I correspond with regularly should be directed to my spam folder. Arrhh!

So, I sit. Hitting delete, delete, delete, delete (why won't it let me choose more than one at a time???) and trying to make sure I don't delete anything I've been saving. The kids are doing their jobs and asking "When are we going to leave, already?" Poor Anna cleaned up the table probably 3 times (I can't go anywhere if the kitchen is a mess!)

Delete, delete, change diaper, delete, delete, laundry, delete, feed baby, delete, delete, change diaper, nurse Noah, delete, delete, empty dishwasher, lay Haven down for nap, delete, delete, call Grandmother (uh....we're going to be late), delete, load dishwasher, delete, delete, delete, empty little potty, delete, get Haven up, change diaper (four dirty diapers in one morning!), delete, delete, fold clothes, delete, fix dinner for tonight, delete, delete, fix sippy cups, restock diaper bag, delete, delete...kids need snack, get snack, clean kitchen again, delete, delete, check grocery list, delete, delete....

Finally I am ready to go, a good three hours after I planned to leave.

Noah is asleep on the bed.

"Uh, guys. Um, I think we're going to have to visit Grannie tomorrow. But if you pleeeeease don't get upset, I'll let you watch some tv during naptime AND have a piece of candy!"

How's that for bribery :o)

At least this way I'll get to have my weekly "errand turn" with Ethan instead of dragging everyone all over creation, and tomorrow I'll only have to get haircuts and visit with my Grandmother :o)

I think that's worth some tv time and a piece of candy....don't you?

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