15 April 2008

addyson taylor clark~

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the first birth of my younger sister, Dyana. Although I have 11 (soon to be 12) nieces and nephews on Glen's side of the family, this is the first child of either of my sisters. It was an exciting, sweet, and memorable event. It is beyond me how anyone can witness the birth of a child and not believe there is a Creator. A baby is a miracle beyond all others.

My sister did a fabulous job. She handled everything like a pro, right down to about 40ish minutes of pushing, waiting for the doctor to arrive, and then a couple more pushes and out came Addyson. She is a beautiful, sweet, content little girl who was nursing like a pro when I left the hospital last night. She was born at 12:17pm after about 8 hours of labor. She weighed 7lbs 7oz, and is 20 3/4 inches long. She has beautiful light brown hair and bright, sparkling blue eyes.

Congratulations to Brent and Dyana. Welcome to parenthood. Buckle up. Enjoy the ride.

Proud aunt ~can you say baby fever?

Me, my aunt Carol (aka Coocal),
my youngest sister Kristen, Addyson, my "middle" sister Dyana (doesn't she look great!),
and my Mom.


Rachel Wilson said...

That is so amazing. My sister had two CRASH c-sections so I got outed. Dyana really looks great in that pic. Glad baby is well.

KO said...

I am really enjoying your blog :) I am a mom of only two (but both are boys so that's got to count for more somehow :) ) I had a mom question for you but didn't know the right place to ask it. I looked for an email for you, but couldn't find one. Here is mine- could you let me know where the best place to ask you a "non-blog entry-related question" is? Thanks!

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