17 August 2007

why do i do this to myself?~

Every time I plan some great day trip with all my children, in the back of my mind always lurks the question~

"why do you do this to yourself?"
everything is such a huge ordeal when it involves
leaving the house for an entire day.

Glen wasn't able to come as he had to stay home so no one's house fell apart...smart man. Seriously, though, my aunt and I took all six sweeties to the Chattanooga Aquarium two weeks ago. Aside from a long car ride with Haven and just a long day in general, we had lots of fun.

I think the highlight though was all the water fountains out front. Needless to say, I had several naked kids on the way home and we had to go through the drive-thru!

And, thankfully, no one caught any gross disease :o)

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Kohana said...

I LOVE the Chat. aquariam, especially the water features out front. I always play in them! We haven't taken the kids there yet but we really should. I can't imagine going without a hubby to help. I'm glad your aunt was with you!

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