03 August 2007

frugal fridays~ tn tax free weekend

After a long, tiring journey to the Chattanooga Aquarium, and getting us semi-lost on the way home last night, I am super tired. So...I'm just going to make this quick.

This weekend is TN tax free weekend. In nutshell, that means clothing, school supplies, and computers under $1500 can be purchased tax free Friday through Sunday. As long as you would be buying these items anyway, and the price is not raised in a way that would cancel out any tax you will be saving, this is a great way to save some money this weekend.

Sorry so short and generic. Hopefully these posts will be a little more specific and thought out, but for today, I'm wiped out :o)

Happy Friday!

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Lori said...

Thank you SOOOOOO much for helping us to be frugal by leaving us the hand-me-downs today. Judah kept asking, "Where are the dolls?" He can't wait to show Miriam how to play with it. He and Tiffany played "Library" today. Too cute!

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