20 August 2007



No, not me :o)

Finally, after a year and a half of trying, my sister told me last night that yes, she is pregnant!!
Yay! I am going to be an aunt!!
Well, I've been an aunt for ten years now to all my husband's siblings' children, but it is totally different when it's your own sister. I am so excited. Probably more excited than she is, because I think she's still in shock :o)

So, Dyana....
This is your official welcome into mommy-hood. I am so proud of you guys, and I pray the Father's richest, most amazing blessings on your pregnancy and new season of life.
For those of you who do not know my sister, she is one of the most amazing people I know. She, along with my aunt and other sister, are my best friends. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful relationships with them.

Dyana and I are 16 months apart, which made us mortal enemies for a good part of our childhood...just kidding ;o) She and Brent have been married for 6 1/2 years. For those years, she has either been working two jobs to help put both of them through school, or been working full time along with going to school. She is a NICU nurse at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, and a post-partum nurse at Centennial Women's Hospital (which has made for some interesting discussions between her and me, her home-birthing, non-vaccinating sister :o)

She is one of the most caring, giving, compassionate woman I know, and is going to be an excellent mother. I am priveleged to call her not only my sister, but also my friend.


Adina said...

Yeaaaaaaa!!! Congratulations Dyana! Shyla, you'll have to invite me if you have a shower!

Rachel Wilson said...

I wish we could just have ya'll over without it being an all day event! We enjoy your company SO much! Tell kiddos the Wilson's say hello!

Anonymous said...

your killing me your really killing me. I can always count on you to have a new enrty. Are you ok? Is haven ok? anna, caleb, ethan, moriah, noah? I Cant find my directions to your house they had your number on them. RUOK?


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