13 May 2009

coming soon~

I know, I know. I keep promising to post Grace's birth story. I have started it twice, both times spending over half an hour on it, only to have blogger lock up on me and cause the entire thing to be lost. I'm thinking that means I'm supposed to wait for some reason.

So just know that I'm trying, and I do hope to get it written very soon.

And hi to my Dad, who I just found out read my blog! So Dad, now you need to leave me a comment. You can either get a google account (pretty easy) to comment anonymously and just sign it "Dad." So now we can actually talk. And send me your email if you have one :o)

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Anonymous said...

arrrrg! how frusterating! so sorry, but looking forward to it when it actually gets published. :)


Rachel Wilson said...

ok so the Noah/Moriah post made me super happy! Glad every one is doing well.

Tanya said...

what a wonderful blog and beautiful family you have! May God continue to bless you all.
A sister in Christ,

Rachel Wilson said...

ok so now after readng that i am Crying. I started this letter to her with the pic this morning and couldnt get through it so I just put up the pic. It is all so true. I always thought that"life flys by" was a cliche but WOW. now i know.

Shannon@Idylwild said...

Shyla - Thank you so much for sending me the link to your blog! I just love it! You're just a few steps ahead of me, my oldest is 7, and it's so nice to see what another family full of little boys looks like.
Your children are beautiful, by the way!

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