20 January 2009

long time no blog~

Gee whiz. I just looked at the list of posts and realized it's been awhile. I guess I've been busy.

It seems like I'm always evaluating our routines, school, etc. but January is usually more of an intensely focused time for that. And it took awhile to find a home for the 2,365, 897 new toys. Ugh. Not to mention that for Christmas I got a Kitchenaid mixer and a breadmaker so I've been playing with experimenting with creating one flop after another doing a lot of trial and error baking in an attempt to create a gluten free sandwich bread that is peanut butter and honey worthy for Ethan. My sweet family is so bread-desperate though that they have promptly (as in within minutes) gobbled up everything I have made. Hard crusts, gooey centers and all. Anything tastes good with a little honey or garlic butter on it :o)

On a side note, a good part of my mental and emotional energy has been spent obsessing over and praying over a really difficult situation I'm going through with a very, very close friend. It is definitely one of the hardest things I've ever dealt with emotionally, so prayers would be much appreciated!

Can you believe I'm 26 weeks along? If I can ever figure out how to take one of those mirror shots and have it turn out decently I'll post a photo. If you picture your regular pregnant Mom right around 8 months or so, that's what I look like at 6.5 months. Well, it's how I feel anyway. I've definitely hit the stage where I ask someone else to get anything for me that involves bending and turning over in bed at night is an event. You all know exactly what I'm talking about don't you :o) Regardless of the constant fatigue, awkwardness, and body parts wedged in uncomfortable positions, I am still daily grateful the Lord has blessed us with another little sweetie and that she is healthy. We won't talk about the varicose veins I have in my right leg that I have never had before. I must be getting old ;o)

I am getting very excited about having another little girl. Moriah has been past the dresses and barrettes and cute little baby girl clothes stage for awhile now and I am missing it! I have all the girl clothes washed and sorted into drawers (by size up through 12 months of course!) and am beginning to get anxious.

I have also begun to enter the nesting stage. I think I'm a little overly preparatory compared to most people, but it's how I am and it works for me. Last night it occurred to me that since my birth history now encompasses an entire month of really thinking it could be any minute, I need to be ready at the beginning of April. This plan didn't work out so smoothly with Haven, but both my girls were over two weeks early, and since my dates this time have been a little sketchy tending toward the earlier due date side, I'd rather be safe than caught off guard. So that means that February needs to be my cooking and stocking up month and March needs to be my deep cleaning month. So I ordered a bunch of coupons from the coupon clippers so I can stock up on nine months worth of non perishables. I'm talking about everything from canned goods to diapers to paper towels to clothes for the kids. I do not enjoy shopping with an infant, so I try and get as much stocked up as possible to make grocery day as easy as possible. We don't exactly live down the road from the store and it's usually around 6 months that I can begin leaving the baby at home while I do errands. That's why I aim for 9 months of supplies.

So now I need to begin making a plan for what meals I want to make. We're just about out of what I made back in August. And since my birthday is in March, I'm uh...hinting...that having someone else come and deep clean the house would be an excellent birthday gift :o)

Wow, I can't believe it's already time to be thinking about this stuff!

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Anonymous said...

My mom would make fresh bread for a treat and we would eat it with a thick layer of melting butter and hot honey. Oh, so good! Now that I realize how long it took to make it (all by hand), I realize how quickly WE gobbled it up. Hours of labor gone in a flash. I hope our giddy, satisfied grins were payment enough for her efforts!

Not many people probably get ready for the new baby at 26 weeks. Then again, you and are are not many people. :) I'm already sorting things out as well, although I still need a lot to be ready. Shopping for 9 months of non-perishables, though? Wow. I suppose you have your system down pat at this point and know exactly how to make it work. I admire that!

serene in singapore said...

I am 34 weeks and counting and I am starting to do what you are planning to do. And you know what? My energy levels just ain't what they used to be! Just going out for ONE grocery trip for a normal week wipes me out. And now, I have to prepare to stock up which means another trip to the store!

Why not lump them together? Don't laugh coz I get mixed up as to which item is for NOW and which is for storage! And I so need to label everything :)

Tisra said...

I forget to check on you blog, but love hearing all that you do to prepare to add another child. With our adoption finally happening, I'm kind of freaking out a bit over all that needs to be done and How On Earth am I going to be able to homeschool and do this whole adding a 4th child thing and, on top of it, dealing with attachment/bonding of a child with orphanage issues. Panic! God will provide, a way will be made clear- of this I am sure- but for now, I'm desperate to see how everyone else handles this.

Your getting so close on this little princess being added to the family. I can't wait to meet her!


Anonymous said...


I've been enjoying checking out your blog. I have a great GF sandwich bread recipe that I came up with after 2+ years of "trial and error" baking. My kids love it. I would love to share it if you want it.


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