26 January 2009

another not me monday~

If you've never checked out MckMama's My Charming Kids blog, you have to go over there. She is always good for a laugh and has a hilarious perspective on her life with her MSCs (many small children.) My Charming Kids is home to Not Me Monday.

So...apparently I must be the only one among all of you that is less than perfect, as none of you have ever written a Not Me Monday post! Come on people, I've thrown out all my laundry here several times, and although I know you love reading about all my mishaps, no one seems brave enough to spill the beans about what really goes on at their house. Not to uh, be bossy or induce guilt or anything :o)

This past week...

I did not forget about the cow we had butchered and buy a huge pile of ground beef to brown for my freezer. Not me, my going-on-seven-kids-in-ten-years brain never forgets important details like that.

And that was not me that got ridiculously offended at the Costco gas station attendant when he told Anna she needed to get back in the car due to their store safety policy. And you didn't see me mutter under my breath that at the other Costco she always helps me clean out the trash in the car and no one ever says anything. And I definitely didn't ignore him when he told me to have a nice day. I would never be so rude.. And I wasn't thinking something like, "Come on, it's not like I'm letting all my toddlers out of the car to run around."

It certainly wasn't me that forgot to put the chicken in the ahem...chicken alfredo and didn't even realize it until my sweet husband said, "Isn't there usually chicken in here?"

And if you see an adorable 5 year old girl wearing Converse in the near future (instead of her super cute brown Mary Janes) it is not Moriah. Because my sister did not take her to the skate park on their spend-the-night outing and she didn't come home saying she wants to be a skateboarder girl and needs some of those star shoes. Therefore, I haven't been hoping she'll forget about it and she hasn't asked me at least once every day if she can puhhhlease get some. My daughter is definitely not a skateboarder girl.

And it wasn't me that Ethan's teacher was talking to when she said, "Oh, are you his Mom?" Because it's not me that's had her sister take her kids to school every week since school started. Remember, I'm the involved parent. And since we're not talking about me, I definitely didn't have to call my sister to find out what time my kids need to be picked up.

On the other hand....

It most certainly WAS me that sent my kids to the homeschool enrichment group dressed in their pajamas on pajama day! Some of you may remember that I uh, have a history of sending my kids dressed up for various dress up days on the wrong day. Poor kids, they were nervous the entire way there that they would be the only ones in pajamas ;o)

What did you not do?

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Wayne said...

Great not me monday I really enjoyed the part about forgeting the butcherd cow lol.

I was also wondering if you would like to take part in my new blog called tribute tuesday. It's a chance to pay tribute to some one who lightes up your life. It also has a mr linky


Juls said...

This is very cool...I loved your blog, your sweet kids and your not me's have a great week!

Doublebanker said...

Mmmmmm..my favorite, ____ Alfredo

Just tried my first NOT ME post.

Matthew 18:19 said...

So happy to have found your blog. I homeschool also :) I will bookmark it for reference.

Lauren said...

Great Not Me's! I noticed on on your pregnancy ticker, you are due just a week before me. Congratulations! I'm exhausted, how about you? :)

Tess Jones said...

Your "Not Me" post was to funny! I have also left out a food item, that was in the title, only to realize it after it was baked and we were eating. Too funny!

Ashley said...

Great Not Me's! I loved the chicken alfredo story.. sounds just like something I would {never} do. I have {not} forgotten to put parmesan cheese in the parmesan risotto before!

Happy Monday!

Lynnette Kraft said...

I thought I'd pop over and read your Not Me post. It's nice to meet you today. :) Your blog is really beautiful. I have to agree about the brain thing - relating to kids. I use pregnancies as an excuse for everything ! ha!

I wanted to invite you to join me for Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane. Details are on my blog:
We'd love to have you join us!

Have a blessed week!

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