15 May 2008

$60 Free...Seriously Easy, Not A Gimmick~

**update~ as of friday morning the 16th,
it appears the promotion is still going on**

Well, I waited until the very last minute
as I wanted to make sure it actually works...
and what do you know?
It does!

So, today is the last day to sign up,
but you can really get $60free, with very little effort.
You sign up and
they credit your account $25 immediately,
then you request it to be transferred to your bank account.

It seems to work just like paypal.
You wait a couple of days for them to credit your bank account
with two small deposits, verify your account,
request the money to be transferred to your bank account,
and....wa la!
$25 free!

At the same time,
you refer your spouse,
thus earning you the $10 referal credit,
and he/she the $25 sign up credit.
Wa la...a total of $60!

I also am not sure when or if I'll ever use the account again, but hey...
a very nice, free date night!
It appears to be like paypal, so I guess they are trying to provide an alternative
and cash in on the online money transfer thing.

Anyway, today is the last day to sign up.
You only have to initiate the process by the 15th,
not actually complete it.

So, here it is...

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
(The easiest and quickest way to do it, is when they credit your spouse's account,
have that money sent to your account.
That way you only have to link and verify one bank account.)

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