17 June 2010

preparing for baby~

No, this isn't an announcement  :)   Grace is refusing to let Aunt Flo visit (which is completely fine since we don't like her much anyway) so this is actually the first time EVER that I've had a 14month old and not been expecting again.  It's kind of weird.

But, seeing as how Grace is fourteen months old and I've never updated the sidebar to remove all my baby preparations, I thought about making them into a few posts.  Preparing for the arrival of a baby is something I actually feel like I've gotten down pretty well, so I thought I'd share.  

And there's no way I'm choosing this topic to write about since the work is already done for me and I don't have the brain energy to deal with photos and come up with anything original.  I'm never lazy like that.  Geez.

Stay tuned...

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