24 March 2010

one day you’ll look back on this and laugh~


Um, yeah.  I’m sure I will.  As soon as I hear that Noah and Haven have woken up to an entire gallon of milk spilled and a box of cereal thrown all over the floor by their children on a Saturday morning.  And that my grandchildren danced in it.  Then you’ll see me rolling on the floor  :)


Christine @ Live to Learn said...

In a few decades this will be funny! I can feel your pain though. What a awful way to wake up! My kids have made the cereal mess but not a gallon of milk mess. :)
Christine @ Live to Learn

TexasNeals said...

HA! Come on....admit it....it's funny now!!!! That made my day....b/c well, I didn't have to clean it up! :)

Tufford Family said...


"How can it be a large career to tell other people’s children about arithmetic, and a small career to tell one’s own children about the universe? How can it be broad to be the same thing to everyone, and narrow to be everything to someone? No; a woman’s function is laborious, but because it is gigantic, not because it is minute. I will pity Mrs. Jones for the hugeness of her task; I will never pity her for its smallness." ~GK Chesterton

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