28 July 2009

noah and the beautiful princess~

I wish I were a better blogger, I really do. But such is life.

Here are a few recent photos of our sweet Grace, who, in true Noah fashion (we don't call him Mr. Charming for nothing), he has named, "Beautiful Princess."

Seriously. He really does call her that. He can be overheard daily running up to her, tickling her feet, saying, "Hello, Beautiful Princess." Every girl needs a brother like Noah.

And he's obsessed with her feet. Still. From the day she was born when he repeatedly asked me in a small whisper, "Mommy, can you uncover her feet and let me see them just one more time? Pleeeeease???" Until now when he runs up to her numerous times a day and tickles them and can't keep his hands off of them if I'm holding her and he's standing nearby. But then again, who can blame him? Baby feet are so yummy. :o)

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TexasNeals said...

first of all, it's amazing to me that you blog at all!! ;)
second, grace is so beautiful! love those piggies.
and third, noah sounds like such a little charmer! i know he melts your heart! my little man just turns me to melted butter. you're so blessed to have 3!

TexasNeals said...

ha! correction, 4! ;)

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