18 June 2009

pica, anyone?~

Sonic ice. My new obsession. After every baby I have some sort of food related craving. Craving is really too nice of a word. It's more like a give it to me now and no one gets hurt sort of problem. We won't talk about how with Caleb it was orange sherbet by the gallon, with Noah is was Texas Toast Cheeseburgers with an M&M Blast, or with Grace this time it was margherita pizza and sonic ice. An entire pizza every single morning.

I prefer to remember the other babies, with whom I preferred things like sandwiches and salads.

Not so this time. Now, mind you, a margherita pizza is largely tomatos and basil, an entire one contains only 700 calories which is an okay allotment for a newly nursing mama for one meal. But still. It kinda hints at gluttony. So I had to stop. And I did. But the Sonic ice is another story. I go through a bag of it every two days. Sometimes an entire bag a day. Usually with water.

When I am nursing, especially the first few months, I am ravenous, feeling the need to eat literally constantly. Eating ice is my way of tricking my mind into thinking I'm eating. And it's calorie free! But I do crave it, and that can be a sign of pica. And while I've never actually eaten powdered laundry detergent, sand, cornstarch, or baking soda, I think about chewing it. Always have. And until a couple of years ago I was a horrible nail biter. All signs of pica. I was anemic my entire pregnancy with Grace, and no amount of supplements or eating of iron rich foods changed it.

So. Should I be concerned?

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Heather said...

I can't help with the pica possibilities, but I just wanted to say that I, too, love sonic ice. It may have been my favorite part of delivering at baptist...the sonic ice they have only on that floor! now I want a cherry limeade.

Jacqueline said...

Like the last comment I can't help with pica , but was concerned about it myself. I craved ice like crazy with all of my pregnancies and with one of them craved something but I just couldn't figure out what.

The closest I would come to satisfying it would be when I would eat a hard white mint that was chewy in the middle.The cruching of the hard part would make me feel this is what I am craving but as soon as that part was over that was it, not satisfied!

So weird I know!! Your not celiac yourself are you? If your body is not properly absorbing things, you would be anemic or make sure you are producing enough B12.

This is not medical advice I am just playing a doctor, in my real life I am a homeschooling mom of four!!LOL

Hope you are getting enough rest and taking care of yourself? You are an amazing and and "in high demand" mama!


Karrie said...

I would be a bit concerned! Because If you are craving ice you are probably anemic. If your body is low in iron, baby Grace may be anemic too. Not a good thing for a growing baby! You might need to take some iron supplements for a short while till your body catches up! Although Sonic ice is very Yummy! :)

Jonine said...

Nursing mothers are always in need of more water than before. Unless you find yourself out in the dirt with a spoon or picking paint flecks off the wall I wouldn't worry. Just make sure to get plenty of dark green veggies like swiss chard, spinach, alfalfa sprouts or maybe take some chlorophyll (making sure the source isn't wheat if there are celiacs in the house)

Dana said...

Yeah, love that pica. I was driving down the road behind a gravel truck one day and I actually thought to myself, "hmmm....that gravel looks like it would taste good in my mouth."

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