06 July 2008

everything you ever wanted to know about the birthday boy...noah~

Since Noah's birthday was coming up, I've been saving my last "everything you ever wanted to know" post for the big day. I don't really feel that I have as much to share about him, though, mainly because I feel like I've shared it already! If I repeat a bunch of stuff you already know, please forgive me :o)

Here goes...

1. Noah was born on 7.7.2005. He was probably my hardest birth even though he was my next-to-smallest baby.

2. Noah is tongue-tied, like Glen. It's really cute to see him try and stick out his tongue (because he can't), but boy did it cause some pain I'd rather not remember those first few weeks of his life.

3. Noah is my only left-handed child so far.

4. Noah's name was given to me before he was even conceived. One day I was sitting at my dining room table (I can't even remember what I was doing), and out of the blue, I heard "You are going to have another baby, and its name is Noah. Funny how I didn't hear "he." So Noah was going to be Noah whether he was a boy or girl. I immediately got up from the table and looked up the meaning in the baby book. Noah means rest, peace, and comfort. Along with all the "heroes of the faith" stuff, and I thought it was a great name. In a way, it immediately brought me some comfort, as at that point, I wasn't sure if we were going to have any more children, although I wanted to very much. His name has proven true numerous times in his life already as he brings us lots of joy and laughs, which brings comfort to our spirits. My grandmother and great aunt also went through losing their home where my grandmother had raised her children when Noah was a tiny baby, and while we moved their things and sorted through their memories that fall, they held him and rocked him and took care of him and through that, he brought a tremendous measure of comfort to their broken hearts.

5. Noah has a "funny boy" personality. He has created his position in our family by getting attention through being sweet and silly.

6. Is. still. nursing. And that's all I'm going to say about that :o)

7. Is finally using the potty...at least most of the time! Yay!

8. Noah is by far my most "two" two-year old ever. Everything is "I do it," "Do it myself," "Mine," "Yes I can!" and all those wonderful fun independant phrases :o)

bonus #9. Noah is a pure delight and never-ceasing source of joy for our family. We love him tremendously beyond words and I am so looking forward to watching his sweet and fun personality grow as he does.

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