04 March 2008

tuesday review ~ amazon~

My friend Jennifer has a Tuesday meme called Tuesday Review where moms share things they love. It can be anything really, so I decided to post about something that helps simplify my life.

I love Amazon. I order books from them all the time, but I've also recently learned about their subscription program that is linked to their grocery department. A lot of their grocery items are eligible as a subscription, meaning you sign up for deliveries once a month, once every two months, etc. When you do this, you get between a 15-20% discount on the price, plus free shipping. This deal doesn't work out to be the best deal all the time, but I do use it for three things so far. Diapers for Noah, diapers for Haven, and Special K Very Berry Cereal :o) I hope to find other things we use on a regular basis as well, but haven't had a lot of time to look into it yet. You don't even have to commit for using it for a certain time period. You can use it just once and then cancel it if you like. They send you an email a week or so before it's scheduled to be shipped again to remind you to deduct the cost from your checking account, and also to allow you to skip that shipment, change, or cancel it. So there is no commitment involved.

I can get the diapers (I like Huggies Supreme, but they have lots of different kinds, you would have to figure out if it was a good deal for the kind you use or not) just about as cheaply as I can from the store (even including when I use coupons). The benefit is that I don't actually have to go the store, remember my coupons, cram my cart full of diapers on top of my kids (I always get a lot at once as I stock up when they are on sale), put them in the car, take them out of the car...you get the picture. They are delivered to my door, free shipping! I pay about $.22 per diaper. The best I ever get them from the store (meaning when they are having a great sale, and I have a coupon) is about $.20 per diaper, but the sometimes slightly increased cost is worth it for me to not have to deal with all of the above!

The special K gives me the same above mentioned benefits, and saves me about $3 on four boxes.

Like I mentioned at first, I also order books from there all the time. Sometimes I order used copies, sometimes I order the new ones and usually have enough to get free shipping. I sometimes order homeschooling supplies as well. I actually have several different resources for finding the best deal on homeschool supplies/books, and Amazon is one of the ones I use often.

I order the books for our book club as well, and we usually go with the used copies. We can often find these for around a dollar or two, plus about four dollars shipping. We get the books for around $5-$6 (sometimes more, obviously, depending on what we are reading), and I can have them mailed to each member individually. This is a really good deal and really convenient!

I am all about convenience :o) As my family grows larger I love discovering new resources for great deals, and things that simplify and streamline my life...and Amazon is one of them. (Too bad I'm not getting paid for this, eh?)

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homelover2 said...

Wow--that sounds really cool! I'll have to look and see if there is anything that I use that I can save money on. I love Amazon for books, too.
Thanks for participating!

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