30 September 2007

my birthday girls~

I've been a mother now for nine years already, I can't believe it! While Moriah celebrated her 4th birthday last Wednesday, Anna celebrated her 9th birthday the day we left for Florida.

Anna had her two girl cousins come over and have a girls' night slumber party where we had all the other kids (except Haven) off spending the night with family. We took them out to eat, came home and made chocolate oatmeal cookies (yum!), and then pretty much gave them free reign over the upstairs. Anna wanted a karaoke machine for her birthday, so the three girls spent pretty much the whole night singing, dancing, doing skits, plays, stand up comedy, and who knows what other fun girl stuff. As a side benefit, Glen and I pretty much got to have a date night with everyone gone. Lots of fun! The next morning was church, and as we weren't meeting my sister to pick up everyone else until later, we got to have lunch out with just Anna at our favorite Chinese place. Let me tell you, once we realized we weren't going to have everyone else, the three of us all immediately thought...Chinese! We can all fix our own plates!

Moriah hasn't had an official party yet as all we usually do is have an extended family kind of thing where we celebrate several at once, so in the next few weeks, we'll have a birthday party here for Moriah, Anna, Glen, my sister Kristen, and my sister Dyana.

Moriah's birthday is extra special as she decided to come 15 days early so that she could not only be born on Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year), but also her daddy's birthday.

So....Happy Birthday....to my two sweeties,

May the Lord pour out His sweetest, most fun blessings on you in this coming year. May He speak to you and draw you ever closer to Himself. May you know with your whole heart, mind, and spirit, how much He loves you.



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